A Teacher Perspective on Effective Professional Development that Leads to the Successful Implementation of PBIS in the Classroom

This study focused on identifying the type of professional development (PD) that teachers perceive to be most effective when implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at the classroom level. The participants of the study were from one Southern California middle school in its fourth year of PBIS implementation. The teacher participants completed a survey with a combination of multiple choice questions and short responses. The research concluded that when it came to teacher preference in PD, their preference varied. Although the study only focused on one school, predictions are that replicating the study at a larger scale would yield similar results. Although no single type of professional development was identified by this study, it did lead to the formulation of, The Hernandez Cycle for Professional Growth, the cycle highlights five research based principles that could increase the outcomes of initiative implementation. The 5 principles include, 1. Clear Expectations, 2. Trainee Feedback, 3. Variety of Professional Development, 4. Accountability, and 5. Support.