A comparative study of two instruction techniques: programmed instruction vs. training films

A comparative study was made of two instruction, programed instruction and film presentations, to determine their relative effectiveness in teaching concepts in business management. Programmed instruction materials were prepared based on the information contained in two educational films. These programs were empirically tested and revised until a 90/90 criterion was achieved. The test subjects used for evaluating these instruction methods were college students enrolled in third year courses in Business Administration at the San Fernando Valley State College. The programs and films were presented to two classes, and the subjects were given a test immediately after completing the lessons in order to measure the amount of immediate recall type of learning. The results of these tests showed that the students who used the programmed instruction materials achieved significantly higher test scores than those who viewed the film presentations. Thus, the results of this limited study indicated that, under these test conditions, programmed instruction was more effective than film presentations for teaching concepts in business management.