Does information technology increase pubic engagement?

Abstract Stakeholder Conflict In E-Governance: Problems, Solutions and Recommendations By Luiza Karapetyan Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership Stakeholder conflict is a richly discussed, yet often poorly understood, phenomenon. In the explosion of interest for e-governance, there has been an assumption that e-governance will generally be either orthogonal to or beneficial to stakeholder conflict. Yet there are good a priori reasons to expect that this will not be the case. Less than forty e-governance expert participants were interviewed in in-depth open-ended interviews using a snowball methodology. Themes gleaned from them and from the research include the importance of transparency in setting down methods of access, community communication that enables stakeholders to meet face-to-face, and realistic goals for the e-governance scheme. E-governance schemes are found to be largely context-specific in terms of their implementation and its resultant effect on stakeholder conflict.

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