Graduate project

Fun with Friends: Evaluating Summer Camp Experience

The majority of research about summer camp does not take the child’s perspective into account. This study proposes to evaluate children’s level of satisfaction while attending a summer day camp. The study utilized self-report surveys in a sample of campers (N=103) ranging in age from 4-12 years old (M = 7.5, SD = 2.38), male (63.1%) and female (35.9%), at AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach, California. Results suggest a small, positive correlation between age and overall activity satisfaction, r = .21, n = 103, p = .03, with older campers associated with higher levels of satisfaction. There was a large, positive correlation between youth outcomes and satisfaction, with higher levels of satisfaction associated with increased physical (r = .53, n = 52, p <0.01), social (r = .50, n = 52, p <0.01), and self-exploration development, (r = .65, n = 52, p <0.01). Camp programs can provide positive experiences, particularly for older youth.