Graduate project

A study of the needs of parents of deaf children (as seen by the deaf) : a graduate project

This study is intended for parents of deaf children so that they might see what deaf people say about the problems of deafness. It is also intended to prepare parents for the ramifications of deafness. Another reason for this study is to enhance parental counseling by including suggestions made by the deaf people themselves. There are many articles written by people with normal hearing, on parental counseling for parents of deaf children but there are few articles written by the deaf themselves. Therefore, this paper is written by a deaf student so that the message might come straight from the horse's mouth�. The writer's primary debt goes to the 100 deaf adults residing in the metropolitan Los Angeles area who freely gave their time for the interviews. They all agreed on the importance of this study because they wanted to say: �After all, we are your deaf children grown up�. The writer is also indebted for helpful comments, constructive criticism and many specific suggestions to the following people: Kelly W. Boesen, L. Ronald Jacobs, and Sandra Lunestad, participants of the Class of 1971 Leadership training Program in the Area of the Deaf.