Structural Racism's Effect On Education Today: Does School Choice Improve High School Graduation Rates in Formerly Redlined Communities?

California is facing significant changes in legislation regarding charter school operations and ultimately limiting access to alternative education options. The purpose of this paper is to identify historically disadvantaged communities and determine if the availability of charter schools within the identified communities impacts high school completion rates. Previous research will be presented discussing the effects high school dropout rates have on the individual and society, as well as how access to alternative education options improve graduation rates amongst students residing in low socio-economic communities. I will focus on historically redlined communities within the city of Los Angeles and identify district high schools and charter high schools located within each outlined community. A comparison between enrolled twelfth-grade students at the beginning of the academic year and the number of graduates at the end of the same year will be made. The data collected will serve as an assessment which will support the need for an increase in school choice options should the neighboring district school show low high school completion rates.