Selected socio-economic factors and infant diets in New Delhi

A study of 90 infants from lower middle class homes in New Delhi, India showed no conclusive relationships between family income, the father's occupation, the mother's education, and the vegetarian or non-vegetarian practices of the family to the protein and calorie content of the infant's diet. The sample consisted of infants who visited the Lajpat Nagar Maternal and Child Health Clinic in New Delhi from July 23, 1973 to September 14, 1973. Under the supervision of the author, three graduate nurses from the staff of the New Delhi University College of Nursing conducted the study. These nurses interviewed the mothers of the infants in the study to obtain information including the socio-economic status of the family and a twenty-four hour recall of the infant's diet of the previous day. The nurses also weighed and measured the infants. Based on the study the following recommendations were made: 1. Discourage skimming or diluting milk supplements. 2. If possible, increase portion of milk supplements. 3. Increase solid foods given. 4. Improve general hygiene.5. Use cups in place of nursing bottles.