Toward a "situated" writing classroom: a curriculum guide for first-year acdemic writing for international students

This project suggests an integration of English composition and ESL writing research and developments, in order to come closer to meeting the needs of multilingual learners in the first-year academic writing classroom. ESL writing research has provided invaluable insight into the specific discourses within academia and it is imperative for instructors of first-year academic writing to be well-acquainted with this research. However, English composition has recently revealed the social, cultural, and political implications of asking multilingual students to orient themselves to these specific discourses of academia. Currently, English composition suggests ways in which these implications can be addressed in the academic writing classroom in order to make the process of orienting themselves to the academic discourse community less difficult for multilingual learners. Therefore, through this project and concurrent curriculum guide, I establish the ways in which the research and developments of ESL writing and English composition have attempted to meet the needs of multilingual learners in the past and also suggest the ways in which these two fields should be integrated in the future, in order to provide a more holistic approach to teaching first-year academic writing and come closer to meeting needs of multilingual learners.