Three stage low noise amplifier operating at 21 GHz

The report has been written for a three stage Low Noise Amplifier whose operating frequency is 21 GHz. The aim of the project is to obtain a gain exceeding 30 dB as well as a noise figure minimum i.e. below 2 dB. For obtaining these results, the transistor chosen is MGF4941CL that has been produced by Mitsubishi Electric. This transistor is pretty well-known for its properties for operating at high frequencies yielding low noise. The project consists of 3 identical stages, all of them to be LNA. After the designing part of the project all of the hand calculated values were verified with the help of Matlab and AWR Microwave Office Software. On simulation the software yields the noise and gain plots, which give the desired results for the gain to be more than 30 dB and the noise figure to be less than 2 dB for the single stage as well as the cascaded 3 stage amplifier.