Graduate project

An analysis of the past, present, and future of investing in residential real estate and managing those rental properties

The real estate market can be an unfamiliar area and often even intimidating. It is difficult to know how to find the right resources to search for income properties. The process of deciding which property will yield the best return can be daunting. When receiving advice, it can be difficult to know if the advice is truly good advice. The overall aim of this research project was to explore, analyze, and increase the understanding of investing in real estate. Data were collected through various online sources and compiled into an easily comprehensible format. Insightful understanding by means of detailed research in the planning and searching phase is expected to enhance the outcome of investing in the housing market and increase the likelihood of a positive cash flow. Understanding how various forms of ownership can limit liability exposure and assist in obtaining financing will be beneficial. When investing in real estate it is important learn how tax laws can increase cash flow. Consideration should be given to the risk of owning rental properties and how to manage those properties. It is concluded that investing in real estate can yield greater returns than the stock market in the long term and can prove to be a lucrative investment.

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