What is an effective questionnaire to survey the characteristics of effective school transition programs

This pilot study explored the baseline perception of staff regarding best practices in present curriculum of work transitional program components for students at a local high school in a southern California community. As a result, a best practices survey model was developed to evaluate the integration of workplace components, foundation and tool skill components in existing curriculum. Information about program operational procedures was collected from the high school educational programs including Transitional Partnership Planning (TPP), General Education Core and Elective Classes, Workability and Vocational Education. Data on curriculum and transitional components was obtained from an independent and anonymous survey of teachers, counselors and administrators regarding the integration of transitional components. Information from the study provided the basis in the development of a best practices instructional survey model. Furthermore, the data obtained from this study will assist the local high school in improving transitional instruction programs. This best practice model will help administrators implement a program where students with and without disabilities can develop skills that promote independent self-supported living and work place skills. Key Words: Transition, vocational education, special education, school to work