Implementation of Local Control and Accountability Plan Initiatives: A Case Study

The main purpose of this study was to identify the key factors that assist administrators with the implementation of LCAP initiatives by analyzing the successful support systems, challenges and barriers, and equitable practices as they relate to LCAP implementation. The researcher conducted interviews with a variety of individuals who are familiar with the district and the LCAP initiatives. The intent of the qualitative research case study was to use implementation science as a lens to analyze implementation practices. The researcher used various qualitative research methods: document review, focus groups, and interviews to collect data. The research included two interviews with all participants. The participants included the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, the LCAP administrator, the Chief Business Officer, and three Principals, a focus group with teachers, and interviews with two stakeholders. The goal of this study was that the findings would assist in establishing a number of recommendations to support the implementation of the LCAP after the extensive plan had been written.