Contributing to the Market Development of a Nonprofit Foster Care Agency

It is a greatly rewarding experience to analyze a Foster Care Service Provider while determining potential opportunities for their strategic expansion. Our team learned about the logistics that goes behind the growing number of children in the foster care system along with the high demand for foster parents to accommodate those children. After an initial meeting with our client, we developed an agreed upon objective that focused our efforts on contributing to the strategic expansion of a nonprofit foster care service provider. This included providing recommendations in several areas including market development, strategic management and competitive advantages. In preparation, I organized our first meeting with the client. This included setting a mutually agreed upon meeting time and preparing and sending a list of questions prior. Aside from attending the initial in-person client meeting, I organized all Zoom sessions with the client as well as weekly Zoom sessions with the team. To achieve the objective for the client, our first step involved collecting secondary research. This consisted of an industry overview, a competitive analysis that included a SWOT Analysis, Porter's Five Forces, and a PESTEL Analysis, and a company overview. My personal contribution included researching the organization and providing an industry background. My contribution to this secondary research included performing a SWOT Analysis. The SWOT Analysis was conducted with another team member, as I was personally responsible for the strengths and weaknesses section. I also researched and composed sections pertaining to company history, competition analysis, and value chain analysis. For primary research, our team conducted online surveys that were sent through a third-party survey company. I worked on the survey questions and the downloading and analysis of the respondent's information. I present qualitative and quantitative data to all team members for review and group analysis; this also included formulating my own observations and opinion. Finally, I conducted geographical expansion analysis into other regions of the state and country. The results and recommendations that come from the secondary and primary research are proprietary to the client and shall remain confidential.