Motivational Factors Impacting Los Angeles County Employees

Motivation plays a major role in whether an employee intends to leave or stay in an organization. As far as distinguishing key motivational factors impacting employees within the public sector, there are many gaps. This study will analyze intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors and its effects on employee turnover and retention among those employed by Los Angeles County. Using a survey, qualitative data gathered from current employees of the Los Angeles County Public Library will help assist in identifying primary causes affecting employee turnover intentions. Studies have shown that public sector employees value intrinsic motivational factors more than extrinsic. Therefore, this research study will be used to test and validate this statement through a study conducted in Los Angeles County as a whole. The results of this study will allow organizations within the public sector, particularly the Los Angeles County, to consider and understand specific factors that help retain well-qualified employees as well as implement specific organizational practices to minimize turnover rates.