Masters Thesis

Developing an implementation evaluation plan for assessing the strategic planning process at an acute care hospital

Organizations operate in changing environments that require detailed action plans in order to remain competitive. Strategic management is the facilitation of change within an organization. In managed care settings, where rapid change takes place, strategic planning focuses on short term goals and action plans because change needs to take place as quickly as possible. This research study focuses on a 418 bed, acute care medical center, located in the central valley of California. The hospital in this study has decided to organize a strategic management program to implement a strategy that will address the changing needs of its community, employees and patients. The purpose of this research paper is to develop an implementation evaluation tool for an acute care hospital. Program theory, systems theory, organizational theory and implementation theory were all considered in the development of the implementation tool. The evaluation tool will allow the studied organization to gather significant data to properly evaluate the implementation process. By using the developed tool to evaluate the performance of the strategic planning process this organization can ensure that the time, energy and resources used to create its strategic plan will not be wasted. The developed tool should be used on an optional basis, issued to all employees two weeks before the actual implementation of The Hospital’s strategic plan. Additionally, the developed tool should be administered by an individual who was not involved in the strategic management process.


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