Holding on or confronting : methods of conducting a holding group at the Southern California Counselling Center

The Southern California Counseling Center is a community counseling institution for all types of psychological problems. The counseling staff consists of paraprofessionals supervised by professional psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. It is the desire of the center directors to form a counseling community which will enable a counselor not only to have professional aid or aid from other counselors when he needs it, but also to feel that he is working in a community, with a group of people who have a common desire to aid others and in a group of people in which he feels at home and welcome. As a concrete expression of this aim, it is the policy of the center that all para-professionals, who are the majority of the center personnel, not only donate their time to the center but donate a sum of money (generally from $10.00 to $15.00) per month, to aid in the workings of the center. It is hoped, of course, that clients coming into the center will sense this feeling and will, in fact, feel as much at home at the center as do counselors and staff.