Feeling and relating: Nurturing empathic relations to empower young women

The purpose of this project was to create a group counseling curriculum using tenets of relational-cultural theory (RCT) to decrease relational aggression among adolescent girls in schools. Teenage girls often experience a myriad of struggles during this age, and relationships with others are vital to their development. However, often times these struggles involve negative interactions with other female peers. This project consists of an eight week counseling group that fosters empathy and empowerment within this population to decrease such occurrences. Participating students will engage in RCT-influenced, guided talk therapy sessions that will build a culture of interpersonal understanding. Prepared topics will include: understanding the natural ebb and flow of relationships, differences and diversity, overcoming isolation, empowerment of self and others, and conflict resolution. The group is designed to provide a foundation in this area that could continue to positively influence the relational culture on school campuses.