Isolation and Characterization of Telomere Binding Proteins from Cestrum elegans

Telomeres are nucleoprotein structures essential for chromosomal integrity and stability. Telomere binding proteins are classified into two groups based on the telomere structure (i) Double-strand TBP (ii) Single-strand TBP. So far very few potential TBP’s have been identified in higher plants. Here we have isolated TBP’s from Cestrum elegans leaves. Cestrum elegans has a large genome with a small chromosome number and the unique telomere sequence TTTTTTAGGG. Isolation of TBP’s from Cestrum elegans was carried out using DNA sequence specific affinity chromatography with streptavidin magnetic beads and the isolated proteins were characterized using SDS-PAGE. Gel electrophoresis identified a major TBP complex protein with a molecular weight of 31kD. The characterization of TBP’s with non-specific probes proves the successful isolation of TBP’s from Cestrum elegans leaves and the analysis shows that TBP’s binds only the specific host telomere sequences and do not bind to any other telomere sequence.