Extracurricular reading habits of secondary learning disabled students

Investigates the reading habits and attitudes of adolescents, ages 11 to 22, enrolled in special education and regular education programs. A total of 67 special education and 143 regular education students were queried using a paper-pencil questionnaire presented orally by the classroom teacher. Results indicate that their reading interests differ by educational category, age and gender. Magazines, picture books and comic books were the top three preferences of the special education students. Magazines, mysteries and adventure stories were the top three preferences of the regular education students. Females preferred romance, animal, fashion and entertainment topics. Males preferred sports, humor, horror and topics concerning physical activities. There is a correlation between television viewing, visits to the library and number of books read. There was a high correlation between visually appealing cover art and the adolescent's response to the material. Chronological age and gender rather than intellectual ability appeared to be important in determining reading interests.