Masters Thesis

Reading and Spraings' Visual Discrimination Battery: a validity study.

Gibson and Levin (1976) have reported that the study of reading can be divided into three distinct time periods on the basis of general approach. For the first period, starting around the turn of the century until around 1925, the list of those who sought to investigate the nature of reading from carefully appraised theoretical positions reads like a Who's Who of early experimental psychology. The second period saw a lessening of concern for underlying theoretical issues. Attention shifted to more pragmatic ends. The main concern dealt with what method of teaching reading was the best, stirring an empirical controversy which yet remains unresolved. Currently, a third period is beginning which marks a return to previous times. The analysis of reading skills is again becoming embued with theoretical concerns. This paper hopes to borrow from the spirit of these new times. Thus theories delineating some of the constituent processes and subskills of reading will be addressed as the essential groundwork for examining the power of a relatively new test, the Spraings' Visual Discrimination Battery (1974), to measure some of those processes and subskills.

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