Evolution of Title IX in the Media

Since the beginning of Title IX in 1972, when it brought about equality for females in sports in higher education to now where Title IX promotes safety on campus by advocating for awareness of sexual violence and sexual assault in higher education. Therefore, demonstrating the evolution of Title IX as a powerful law that has impacted the college and university communities as a whole. The purpose of this study is to analyze the portrayal, evolution and intentions of Title IX since it was originally enacted in 1972. By utilizing purposive random sampling, five college and university campuses were selected to be analyzed using discourse analysis of the media portrayal of Title IX. Followed by a careful examination of the implementation and evolution of Title IX on these college and university campuses. Results indicated that Title IX is uniquely implemented within each college and university campuses in a way that fits the culture of their campus. However, the feasibility of obtaining Title IX information varies on each individual campus, thus limiting the accessibility of resources to students, staff, and faculty. This study could be used as a building tool for assessing the implementation and evolution of Title IX while following the OCR guidelines as well as assessing how accessible Title IX resources are to the college and university community.