Bridging the gap between high school and college writing

This study investigates the reason(s) for high remediation rates in English in postsecondary education and more specifically, at Lakeview Unified School District. Formal documents such as district prescribed course outlines and teacher created class syllabi were reviewed to see how well they aligned with the California State standards tested on placement tests and if and when process writing and formative assessment was used in the classroom. Four teachers were interviewed and asked about their strategies for teaching writing and their adherence to the outlined standards. It was found that there was virtually no alignment to the California State Standards explicitJy listed on any of the formal documents. Three of the four teachers taught a variation of the writing process, but none stated using formative assessment as a component to teaching process writing. The implications of this are that students are not receiving correct instruction in writing because teachers are not aware of the necessary components or standards necessary to effectively guide students through the writing process. Keywords: remediation, process writing, formative, summative, high school, English