Kern County school trustees: a survey of the opinions, responsibilities, and social composition of Kern County, California, school trustees

It was the purpose of this study to describe the background of Kern County School trustees and to attempt to identify elements in their backgrounds which might influence their point of view regarding education. Specific information which the study attempted to obtain was: 1. The age, nativity, sex, occupation, and educational status of Kern County School Trustees. 2. The length of service of Kern County School Trustees. 3. The opinions of Kern County School trustees regarding: a. Experience that have helped prepare them for the responsibilities of a school trustee. Additional experiences which would have better prepared them for their responsibilities as school trustees. C. The changes most needed in the schools today. 4. The reason for seeking election as a Kern County School Trustee. 5. The ranking of certain responsibilities common to all Boards of education.