Me as I am: a psychoeducational group workshop on enhancing body image and self-esteem

The perception of our bodies, better known as our body image, plays a significant role on our self-esteem, and our self-esteem impacts our body image. Particularly in adolescence, a period of time wherein the teenager is are prone to internalizing thoughts, and feeling as though the bright light is always on them, body image can be detrimental to ones self-esteem. While being an adolescent in today's world isn't challenging enough, media, cultural, and societal pressures are making it all too easy for the female adolescent to develop body dissatisfaction, thus diminish her self-esteem. It is imperative for female adolescents to gain a higher understanding of body image and self-esteem, where accepting and loving yourself no matter what size or shape you are is of the essence. As educators we must teach the impressionable adolescent rather than committing drastic measures to lose weight and attempting to conform to unrealistic standards driven by society, building a positive relationship with your body is means for a positive self-esteem, and ultimately the best you. It is important to address this issue by facilitating such eight week workshop where student advocates and counselors or mental health professionals of all kind can educate the youth on pertinent problem areas and prevent self-esteem and body image issues from deteriorating the struggling adolescents today.