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Between two lions: historiography and gender normativity in <italic>I Am My Own Wife</italic>

This project report documents my work as both producer and actor in Doug Wright's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning one-person play <italic>I Am My Own Wife</italic>. The myriad practical challenges I faced in the process of performing that dual role are chronicled, from its genesis through the rehearsal period and culminating performances at the Arena Theatre on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles in Spring 2013. The report details my work as producer, in which I had the opportunity to implement my many years of experience as a theatre professional, and my work as an actor exploring a wide range of gender traits and behaviors in the process of creating thirty-seven distinct characters. Issues of historical veracity are explored in a discussion of documentary theatre, and themes of non-normative sexuality and gender are analyzed in the context of my personal experience as a gay man.