Capstone project

Refrigeration simulator using R-134a

The goal of our design project is to present a functional and optimal design that reflects the applications of engineering principles in the realm of Energy System Design. A functional design, in the sense that, it can be transformed into practical utilization and not represent a purely ideal design which cannot be developed any further than a blueprint phase. In the process, careful considerations must be made to prevent gross assumptions from overriding the conditional limitations which may deter the translation of a design into an operational product. In the formation of our· objective, a high regard is directed towards producing not only a functional design but moreover an optimal one. Our intentions are to minimize unnecessary expenditure of resources that may result in high cost of production and operation. In the framework of our design we seek to capitalize on the maximum possible efficiency that can be attained. To exemplify this plainly, for the possible heat absorption capacity under consideration a minimum means of supplying the necessary power needs to be achieved. The application of engineering principles incorporated in our design shall demonstrate the definitive nature of mass, heat and energy transfer. To this extent, we elect to design and build a refrigeration simulator that will involve a thorough study and systematic analysis of these fundamentals.