The (Un)Chosen Ones

In the Kingdom of Tirine, a myth tells of a Chosen One destined to save the land from the evil Dark Elf lord Arcturus every century. But the truth's all a sham, orchestrated by Arcturus as a means of amusement with everyone none the wiser. Now, Arcturus' son Ypheus picks up where his father left off to continue the tradition, and in a surprising turn he designates four young men as the new unwitting Chosen Ones. But as they embark on their quest to "stop" Ypheus, they fall short and leave the fate of the kingdom at the hands of two unlikely tagalongs: Caleb, a young idealistic orphan, and Siobhan, a jaded blacksmith. Over time friendships and legacies will be tested, true natures will be revealed, and everyone will learn what it is that defines a real hero.

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