Masters Thesis

Program proposal for emancipated foster children transitioning into adulthood

This program proposal examines the current circumstances affecting emancipated foster youth transitioning into adulthood. Specifically, it deals with foster care youth who reside in the state of California. A disproportionate number of children in the foster care system do not obtain their high school diploma compared to their non foster care youth counterparts. In addition to lower high school graduation rates, many foster youth also fail to achieve higher education past high school. The current statistics regarding foster care youth after they emancipate out of the system are dismal. This program proposal analyses the current legislature regarding the education of foster care youth, and provides an alternative solution to assist the state of California in increasing educational, social, vocational, and financial knowledge, to live independently. Increasing emancipated foster youth outcomes among foster care youth will relieve some of the burden on the state of California, by decreasing the use of public goods and services to this population as they transition into adulthood.


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