How can Innovative Technology be Leveraged to Support and Address Mental Health?

To better understand how professionals in medical fields are utilizing technology to address mental health. More specifically, I will evaluate the practicality and impact mental health care app's have in addressing the gap between accessibility to professionals, and the lack of seeking out help due to stigmas. There are many companies already creating projects with advanced technology to help people. What hasn't been done yet is looking across the board with many companies and literature on what works and what doesn't. The objective of this research project is to first see gather to analyze and look at trends of different innovative companies, applications, clinicians, and practices that are utilizing technology to support and address mental health. This project is important, because we are in a time where people are not being treated for their mental health solely because they cannot afford, stigma, or they do not have insurance. This is to help the people who need the help.


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