Smart Home Automation

Automating home appliances is a process of making mundane, dull tasks, such as turning on and off light bulbs, or opening and closing blinds more interesting and interactive, as well as convenient. In doing this project, the purpose is to grow as engineers and programmers specifically in the field of home automation. But ultimately, the goal is to make the technology more affordable and available to every household. In order to automate a home, there must be a way for all of the devices in a household to communicate. This is accomplished through wireless signals such as WiFi or Bluetooth. A simple home router was used to create a network connecting devices through WiFi. A micro-controller was used to control lights, fans, and alarms, and was coded to leverage the Amazon cloud based voice service that is used by the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot introduced a way to easily communicate with multiple devices through voice recognition. With these items the team was able to create a simple automated system that realistically cuts costs in home automation and can be controlled by a user's voice commands. In essence, the purpose of the project is to cultivate our growth and understanding in our respective fields specifically in regard to smart home automation. The project makes it so that voice-controlled smart home appliances are more affordable and accessible. Therefore, through this project, smart home automation is made accessible to families and can potentially become a revolutionary force in the community.