Masters Thesis

Lower tertiary planktonic biostratigraphy, California Aqueduct Section, northwestern Kern County, California.

An excellent stratigraphic section is exposed near Devils Den, California (Figures 1 and 2) , where the California Aqueduct crosses the Coast Ranges. The section is approximately six kilometers southwest of the town of Devils Den, northwestern Kern County, and about seven kilometers northeast of Kecks Corner (120° 1' 30" W, 35° 42' 30" N) . The water of the Aqueduct is pumped through pipes up the steep eastern slope of Mudpit Ridge (Van Couvering and Allen, 1941), and flows back into open conduit, situated in a deep cut through the top of the ridge. This cut, called the Aqueduct section in this paper, is about 25 meters deep and 650 meters long. West of the pipes, the Aqueduct follows a sinuous course for nearly a kilometer, terminating in a shallow reservoir lake in Antelope Valley.

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