Graduate project

Viewpoints on the education of the deaf by deaf educational leaders

This report is the collective viewpoints expressed by deaf educational leaders on a questionnaire prepared to gain information about the education of the deaf from a select group of respondents. Questions were those raised during the Leadership Training Program in the Area of the Deaf in 1963. The Leadership Training Program is an administrative training program preparing future administrators for programs working with the deaf which is based at San Fernando Valley State College, Northridge, California. This program is sponsored, in part, by a training grant from the Vocational Rehabilitation Administration, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, D.C. The questions covered a wide range of interest and were not confined to any given age group. (Specific questions asked are available in the Appendix) Questions were not open-ended but did provide ample opportunity for respondents to extend comments. Virtually all respondents used letters in returning the questionnaires. Twenty deaf educators were selected as respondents to this questionnaire making a select sample. There are a limited number of deaf educators in America having eminence and their unique positions provide the profession a vantage unparalleled in any field of special education in any country. Response to the questionnaire was very good with nineteen of twenty responding; a 95% return. The following criteria were used in selecting the respondents: a. deaf b. 35 years of age or older c. has had at least ten years of experience d. has demonstrated leadership e. has maintained a high level of professionalism.