Guidelines for an elementary school volunteer program in reading

The purpose of this guide is to present information on the organization and execution of a school volunteer program. Some general questions are answered concerning the aims of a volunteer program, and the types of services educational volunteers perform. The processes of recruitment, selection, training, roles and functions of volunteers, assessment of volunteers. And tutoring tips for the volunteers are explained. Organization of the volunteer program in regard to the specific job areas of project coordinator, school volunteer, principal, teachers, and school volunteer coordinator are also discussed. Specific areas of reading are discussed so that the volunteer will understand the concepts involved in the teaching of reading, e.g., auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, word analysis and word recognition. Each of these areas contains tests that can be administered by the volunteer to note specific areas of weakness and also contains games and activities that will hold a child's interest and establish a high degree of motivation. This guide is intended to be used by teachers who are planning to use volunteers or are already using them and also by volunteers as a resource guide in working with children in the elementary school.