The impact of national board certification on the Poway Unified School District

The impact of National Board Certification on a Southern California school district was investigated. Data collected from National Board Certified Teachers (N=23) teaching grades kindergarten through post-high school included answers to survey questions focusing on (a) district and county support of the process, (b) awareness of certification by others, (c) effect of certification on teaching practice and personal development, (d) value of the certification process as a professional development exercise, and (e) leadership opportunities resulting from certification. Assessment data was collected from students of 12 National Board Certified Teachers and 12 teachers not certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Data collected from the district also included costs incurred by the district to support National Board Certification. Findings revealed that teachers who successfully complete the certification process (a) depended upon the district for financial support, (b) found certification to be very valuable as a professional development exercise, (c) credited National Board Certification with making them more reflective and more "tuned in" to their teaching, and (d) desired "higher level" leadership roles. Findings also reveal higher test scores for students of National Board Certified Teachers than for students of teachers not certified. And finally, the school districts cost of supporting National Board Certification can be justified with the numerous positive results it enjoys as a direct result of the certification process. Item only available to the CSUSM community. Authentication with campus user name and password required.