Graduate project

Secondary classes for the deaf in Los Angeles : a re-evaluation of the program

Since I have been away from the secondary classes for the deaf, have become increasingly aware of changes that I would like to see made in the program here in Los Angeles. With regard to the operation of the program itself, probably the changes needed the most are in the area of supervision and coordination of the entire program. At present there is but a single coordinator charged with the responsibility of administering the secondary program for the deaf located in six different facilities scattered throughout the district. In addition to this, there are a few classes in elementary schools and the entire itinerant lipreading instruction program that fall under her direct jurisdiction. Clearly this person is over - loaded with responsibilities, so that the quality of her work is not at all what she would wish it to be. I would like to see the board create the position of supervising teacher of the secondary classes for the deaf. The person in this position could take over a major part of the load that is now on th~ shoulders of the coordinator. This person would supervise the work of all the special secondary teachers of the deaf, coordinate curricula, administer achievement tests, etc.

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