Masters Thesis

Westside Housing Consortium: a program proposal

Individuals who struggle with a chronic and persistent mental illness can face many obstacles in coping with their daily lives. A community that embraces their mentally ill citizens can find that there can be a cohesive co-existence with these members. Taft, California is a community that reflects a successful cohesiveness in embracing their mentally ill citizens. Taft, unfortunately, does not have one important resource for their mentally ill citizens; there are no room and board or board and care facilities. This study will provide a guide and model for the establishment of the Westside Housing Consortium, a non-profit organization that will use both the payments from SSI of the individuals served and grants that will address the needs of the Consortium to establish and grow in the community. It will enable the community to better serve their mentally ill population and continue the cohesiveness that exists between the mentally ill and the rest of the community


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