The impact of parental support on the resiliency of first-generation Latinx college students

The Latinx population is the fastest growing minority population in the United States. The Latinx college enrollment and retention rates do not match with the fast growth rate seen throughout the United States. Various studies have researched contributing factors as to why the Latinx population is not able to achieve their higher education degrees, including financial difficulties, mental health concerns, and lack of support. The purpose of this study was to explore how parental support can influence the resiliency of first-generation Latinx college students. A quantitative descriptive research design was used for this study. The recruited sample consisted of 25 Latinx male and females, all above the age of 18 and whom identified as first-generation Latinx college students. The results of the study demonstrated that Latinx students that put a higher value on parental support also demonstrated a higher resiliency. Recommendations to improve the resiliency of first-generation Latinx college students would be to encourage parents to remain involved in the transition of their students, adapt to the changes, and check in with them about how they are feeling, regardless of the parents’ educational background.