Effects of cross age tutoring on second graders' instructional reading level and fluency when matched with fifth graders

In this study, the effects of cross age tutoring compared with sustained silent reading were assessed in second grade students. The students in this study were in a self contained second grade classroom. The second graders participating in cross age tutoring were two above grade level readers, two at grade level readers and two below grade level readers. Each of these second graders was paired with a fifth grade student who had received some basic training in how to prompt the second grader while reading. The remaining students in the class participated in sustained silent reading for the same twenty four week period. All of the students' reading fluency and word reading abilities were assessed both before and after the duration of their particular reading activity. The cross age tutoring lasted for a twenty four week period during which the students were observed and anecdotal notes were taken. Results of the pre and post assessments showed that overall, both sustained silent reading as well as cross age tutoring increased student reading abilities when assessed with the Frye Oral Reading Test for fluency as well as the San Diego Quick leveled word list assessment. Cross age tutoring and sustained· silent reading may also have benefits in students' affective attitudes toward reading, causing them to view it as a positive activity. Keywords: Cross Age Tutoring, Sustained Silent Reading