The homecoming of a residential adolescent

This workshop is intended for guardians of adolescents who are returning from a residential care facility. This is a one-day, eight hour workshop. The material covers; 1) the purpose of the workshop, 2) the importance of the workshop, 3) why adolescents receive residential treatment, 4) the residential structure, 5) why adolescents relapse and return to their unhealthy behaviors, 6) how guardians can help their adolescents refrain from relapsing, 7) possible resources guardians can use to better educate and prepare themselves for their adolescents return home, 8) how to integrate the knowledge gained from the workshop in the guardians everyday life, as well as his or her interactions with the adolescent. The goal of this project is to increase and improve family relationships while focusing on parenting skills, communication skills, setting limits, improving expectations, and consistent follow through with positive and negative consequences. It is the hope that by learning such skills, the percentage of adolescents who are readmitted to residential care each year will show a rapid decline.