A curriculum for the aortocoronary artery bypass surgical patient

While attention has focused upon the selection and management of the patients submitting to aortocoronary artery bypass surgery, consideration of the cognitive needs of the patients has tended to be extemporaneous and dependent upon the motivation of the nurses who have cared for them. An inadequate transfer of information from nurse to patient has been the most commonly experienced outcome. Therefore, a study was performed in a 500 bed community medical center for the purpose of providing the registered nurses with a plan for a structured teaching program designed for the patients who were admitted to the medical center for aortocoronary artery bypass surgery. A curriculum was developed with implementation procedures, a plan of evaluation and a patient handbook. The curriculum focused upon four areas of patient concern: preoperative preparation, surgical intervention, postoperative care, and preparation for home. It was based upon concepts and contained performance objectives, evaluative criteria, content, learning opportunities, and resources.

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