Undocumented Latino Immigrants: Family Impact Analysis of the Medi-Cal Program

Purpose: The purpose of this policy analysis is to examine the Medi-Cal program using the family impact analysis and how it supports undocumented Latino immigrant families. Hypothesis: The research question is: What effect does the Medi-Cal program have on undocumented Latino families? Methods: The methodology used is the Family Impact Analysis (FIA). This FIA utilized a checklist which provided detailed questions for each guiding principle, which included family responsibility, family stability, family relationships, family diversity, and family engagement. The inclusion criteria were that the research focused on undocumented Latino individuals who live in California with an income below poverty levels. Results: The policy analysis results indicate that the Medi-Cal program does not provide healthcare access to undocumented Latino immigrants. Medi-Cal does not provide support to the whole family; it excludes adults and older adults. It also only gives the family limited coverage. Discussion: Therefore, excluding undocumented Latino adults and older adults from receiving full scope Medi-Cal benefits leaves the family unit in a vulnerable position. Keywords: undocumented Latino immigrants, Medi-Cal program, healthcare access, family impact analysis, vulnerable population