A portrait of a middle-aged man

"A Portrait of a Middle-Aged Man" provides a cross-sectional analysis of a typical man in throes of a mid-life crisis. Seen in three different settings which reveal the conflicts arising out of employment, family and social encounters, the protagonist:, Tom Richardson, is studied as he hurdles toward this critical phase in a man's life. The thrust of the program is the way in which industry is affected, and why it is important for industry to address itself to the problem. Intercut with the dramatic scenes involving the protagonist, is the continuity, provided by a mature, authoritative host, seen in an art gallery setting, and the comments of a panel of three experts, who elaborate on the problem being encountered by the protagonist. The program is not designed to provide solutions. There are no secret formulas for by-passing the potential crisis, or prescriptions for a cure. Mid-life is a phase of life, much like adolescence in many ways, that provides its own resolutions, and one can no more "cure" it than "cure" adolescence. What the program is designed to do is stimulate discussion, and encourage industry's leaders to recognize it as an employee debilitation that deserves their attention. By talking about it, and by identifying what some of the characteristics of this phase of life happen to be, we can be forewarned and forearmed.