Specialized Content Knowledge in Adventure-based Learning

Traditionally emphasized in physical education (PE) programs, the multi-activity approach lacks the ability to engage all students and provide experiences and skills students can take beyond the PE classroom. In recent years there has been a transition from the sport skill development presented in short units to include a variety of alternative curriculums for PE. One of these is Adventure-based Learning (ABL). ABL uses deliberate, sequenced activities that emphasize personal and social development and provides specific inter /intra personal relationship skills (IIRS) (Cosgriff, 2000; Frank, 2004). The main focus of this study revolves around the Specialized Content Knowledge (SCK) needed to implement ABL as a unique student-centered pedagogy. Therefore, this study aimed to discover what teacher knowledge is needed to deliver ABL effectively. There were three foci that were central to this investigation that framed the purpose of this study - (1) impact of Specialized Content Knowledge Workshop Trainings (SCKWT) on facilitator implementation of the Sunday Afternoon Drive Debrief Model (Stuhr et al., 2013; Stuhr et al., 2015; Stuhr et., 2016; Sutherland et., 2012), (2) assess the credibility of the Student Outcome Model (Stuhr et al., 2015), and (3) exploration of ABL as an alternative PE curriculum.