Masters Thesis

UndocuAlly training

The UndocuAlly Training is an educational intervention designed to increase awareness, competency, and self-efficacy for staff, faculty, graduate students, and community members at California State University, Stanislaus. The UndocuAlly Training provided recommendations on how to properly practice allyship through knowledge, awareness, and advocacy. Moreover, the training was designed in collaboration with campus resources, local services, and national advocacy groups. This project proposes that undocumented students required information and resources specific to their undocumented status to thrive in their educational goals. This project looked specifically at how educators (UndocuAllies) understanding and awareness on undocumented immigrant’s issues, influence the success of undocumented students and their families at Stanislaus State. UndocuAllyship implicates guidance and advocacy to build a more inclusive campus, based on micro, mezzo, and macro analysis to fully assess undocumented student’s needs. Furthermore, the UndocuAlly Training promotes social support by developing a sense of safety, belonging, and acceptance across campus.