Student Research

Facial Privacy

Technology is evolving and especially in cameras, with how connected everything is the line in a person's privacy is running thin. This problem is significant affects celebrities with paparazzi but for the general population, there have been instances where our picture was taken without our consent. So we know the problem, what can we do about it? Fight fire with fire or in this instance technology with technology. Our project is a camera app using facial recognition to find the desired user and if desired so, can blur their face. The process of blurring the face will happen in a nanosecond when the phone processes the picture right before it saves the photo in the image gallery. The methodology of the program is to use a person's face as a variable, meaning the user's face will be stored in the app as a database for the program to recognize before displaying the message to the wearable device whether to blur the individual's face. We are still working on what method is faster by having the image of the user saved in a database or only relying on the wearable device. To achieve this, we need a smartwatch, the one we used is called Hexaware, and a smartphone, we were provided a Samsung S5. On the side, we also designed and modeled the user interface of the app for both the Samsung S5 and the smartwatch.The user interface so far is pretty simple. The setup process takes about 3 steps.