Breaking the chain: career re-entry program for male prisoners aged 30 - 50

Re-entry programs have been a part of the corrections system for years, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation comprise a variety of programs that prepare prisoners that are newly released or soon to be released. Legislation recently passed will increase prisoners being released into society, making the need for more effective re-entry programs prevalent. Males comprise the majority of prisoner populations, and addressing prisoners aged 30-50 specifically is important to include in career development. Changes in prisoners are more prevalent in vocation and other areas as they begin the transition to, or back to society, and the effects of prisoners' beliefs in their ability to be successful in society plays a substantial role in effective re-entry programming. The proposed program is designed to assist male prisoners aged 30-50 transitioning into society by increasing self-efficacy, and learning effective strategies to cope with perceived career barriers. Career interventions are based on career and adult development theory, and the program aims to engage participants in their transition to society to help them become lifelong productive members in their community.