Kindergarten math mapping and curriculum development

The purpose of this project is to provide kindergarten teachers with lessons, assessments and resources to teach standards-based math, which correlates to the Addison Unified School District's (AUSD) trimester progress report. According to 63% of the kindergarten teachers, the current adopted math program needs to be supplemented with materials in order to effectively meet the California State Content Standards. 68% of teachers indicated that the math curriculum currently used is not challenging enough for their students. This is consistent with the findings from 63% of first grade teachers who indicated that their students who come from AUSD kindergarten are not prepared for first grade math. The researchers have responded to this need and have provided support for kindergarten teachers by creating an online AUSD electronic curriculum map. This map includes standards-based teacher created curriculum, lesson ideas, assessments and resources; all of which correlate with the new AUSD trimester progress report. The researchers recommend that in order for teachers to utilize these curriculum maps, they must partake in learning communities such as Professional Growth Days. Within these communities, teachers can communicate and revise the curriculum map, while contributing their professional expertise. In tum, this collaboration will benefit the student's math understanding and acquisition. • KEY WORDS: curriculum mapping, trimester progress reports, standards-based lessons, district collaboration, kindergarten mathematics