Bluetooth Positioning System

The advancement of human civilization has always bought new phases in the history of mankind. After the industrial age, now we live in the information age. Automation and robotics are growing like never before and the machines are eventually replacing human labor. A very good example is Amazon's autonomous drone for delivery of packages for their Amazon Prime Air members. One of the important requirements for these autonomous robots or drones is an accurate positioning system that will help them navigate through the environment. This project deals with the development of an indoor positioning solution that is based on Bluetooth. This project focuses on Indoor positioning because for outdoors, the world already has Global Positioning System (GPS), which is very accurate. But GPS fails in the indoor environment due to signal propagation loss through the walls and other objects. Bluetooth is a short-range communication technique that is generally used in smartphones and computers mostly for transferring audio and other information. With appropriate modifications, one can use Bluetooth to get an estimation of the user's location. Using Bluetooth as a positioning system is a challenge, mostly because of its signals suffering from phenomena like multipath propagation, reflection, and fading. Also, any motion of humans between the transmitter and receiver can impact the signal strength significantly. Despite all the challenges faced by the Bluetooth signals, in this project I have tried to develop techniques and algorithms to minimize any positioning errors and improve the accuracy of a Bluetooth-based positioning system. This project will be used in an unmanned aerial vehicle as a replacement of GPS. This UAV is being developed at the CSUN's UAV lab for taking part in the "International Aerial Robotics Competition." The system has a wide range of applications. It can be used in shopping complexes and malls for the customers, subway stations, big offices and school campuses. It can also be used in large warehouses for autonomous robotic inventory management.