Courseware for developing mobile and cloud application

Mobile app development is not a next big thing – it is already a big thing. It is an integral part of any business development now, various reason being easy accessibility, portability and engaging power of the app. The more fascinating app we make the more engaged are our customers. Smart phones are also becoming more and more powerful. Apps like Uber are changing the global scenario altogether. In this changing world, as a developer it’s not only necessary to create a mobile app, it’s equally important to maintain/enhance the quality of app, upgrade it to newer versions (support for newer APIs and build tools), check compatibility with various mobile platforms such as: android, iOS, windows phone, taking care of the resource usage. By keeping that in mind, I set a goal for myself to write a detailed courseware on android app development from a developer cum debugger’s perspective. My courseware covers a wide variety of topics ranging from elementary modules of an android app, required tools, development environment set up, case studies on re-building an existing app and working on something from the scratch, servers and hosting, putting everything together to make an app working, installation and testing an app. While doing these tasks I have faced a number of technical glitches that I described in my report. I took Android development environment as standard and compiled/debugged Mobile Learning Application – an app developed by another schoolmate which supports Android versions from 4.0.3 to 5.1, Lollipop (API 15 – 22) while writing my report. I have used examples of Android native app development that can access device resources and stores files in device just like a downloadable program [1].