As the Smoke Rises: My Experience with Sanctuary Cigar Lounge

What are the benefits of having a cigar lounge in the inner city? Sanctuary Cigar lounge offers a place for professional people to come and relax after a long day at the office. It has a back room for people to come in and have meetings to socialize their employees outside of the office setting. It is the ultimate uptown vibe without the downtown drive. The lounge is a laid-back place with mellow jazz artist, specialty cigars and plenty of cocktails to enjoy while you unwind from work. Sanctuary Cigar Lounge provides professionals with a cozy environment and entertainment throughout the week to come and enjoy. I gathered information about my experience with Sanctuary Cigar Lounge and how it has contributed to my learning and success in this program. I chose this location because I believe in the idea of the rooftop bar concept and the expansion of the cigar lounge. This is an overview of what I experienced though my time working at Sanctuary as well as the challenges I faced and how I overcame them. This will also be the deciding factor in my grade for the program and how I am able to maintain my hospitality in the workforce after graduating.